Grey’s fans look forward to watching the new season

Season number 18 of Grey's Anatomy will be released on September 30TH. The first episode of this series will be called Here comes the sun.
greys anatomy season 18
Foto: HULU

The wait has finished for all people who are big fans of Grey’s Anatomy. ABC confirmed that the new season of this series will be released on September 30th. 

Since Grey’s anatomy was broadcast for the first time in 2005, it has become one of the most successful productions about doctors and hospitals. Its writer, Shonda Rhimes just won an Emmy Award.

The first episode of Grey’s Anatomy will be named “Here comes the sun”, which will try to continue the previous story with the argument about imaging a world where Covid 19 does not exist anymore.

The main character, Meredith Grey, who has been played by Ellen Pompeo for over 15 years,  will face her past with her future. In this new plot, she will meet a new doctor, who will have a good connection with her mother.

You can watch the trailer of this first episode by clicking on this video

In spite of no one knows when Grey’s Anatomy will reach the end, Ellen said at the Emmy Awards that her time to say goodbye is getting close.