Luis Diaz, a savior for Liverpool this season

La aficion del Liverpool y su gesto para Luis Diaz por su gol a Villarreal en Champions League
Foto: UEFA

After taking a lead in England, the “reds” had to face a tough game in Spain. The first half was really tricky for the team that plays in Anfield. Villarreal was the squad that dominated the game for over 40 minutes and was able to tie the elimination bracket

For the second half, Junger Kloop wanted to bring about change, and for that reason made the decision to send Luis Díaz to the field. When the Colombian striker stepped on the pitch, he became a game-changer, since his talent changed the way Liverpool played. At the minute 67th, a ball into the area was met by his head and it went in between Rulli’s legs.

At the end of the game, the soccer player that was born in Guajira, Colombia, was the man of the match; a reward that he deserved. On the other hand, the german coach tried to explain Luis Diaz´s performance to the journalists. “He had a massive impact because in the first half, we had 11 problems and Liverpool needed to get a fresh start and Luis helped us find a great solution”.

This final will be the third one that Jurgen reached and as he told the whole supporters “This is an honor because Champions League is the most important competition in soccer and we would like to get our trophy number 6 “.