Simon Biles gets ready to get back to the gym

Simone Biles

After leaving the open door to fight for a gold medal in Paris 2024, Simon Biles was seen in her Gym in texas. The gymnast looked ready to work out again, even when she hasn’t confirmed yet if she will be willing to start a new Olympic process. 

 According to the images that were taken outside the gym,  Simon wore black leggings, white sneakers, a beige sweater, and a beautiful necklace on her neck. Inside the facilities, Simon was talking to her coaches Cecile and Laurent Landi. They had that important gathering days after she gave up being in five final events because of struggles with her mental health.

In spite of her personal problems, the “Goat” has said in several interviews that she would like to participate in Paris 2024, but she shall fight for a spot in her national team. While it happens, she is plotting to have an amazing comeback to the competitions.

By now she is expected to make a decision about her close future as soon as possible. Meanwhile, people hope she can have a rematch in Paris 2024, after proving in Tokyo 2020 that mental problems do matter.